Facebook Gets Caught Going After Google

May 27, 2011

Facebook recently got caught hiring a PR firm to push stories about a Google social feature that Facebook thought was too deep an invasion of privacy. The ploy backfired on the social networking giant and its PR firm. Catch a flavor of the story with these posts (Getting Caught, Getting Caught Covering Up) from my […]

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Teens See Facebook Differently

May 11, 2011

Parents often think their teenage children will post anything to the web, and that it’s fair game for them to comment on their kid’s status messages. But teens have a different idea of what kind of public space Facebook actually is, according to new research from Microsoft. In restaurants, people often dine close enough to […]

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Facebook, Faux Dating and Fox

February 22, 2011

A few weeks ago, I wrote a story for Wired.com about how two performance artists had scraped 1 million Facebook profiles to create a fake dating site — the story took off quickly, as did the cease-and-desist letters from Facebook’s lawyers. The site — Lovely-Faces.com — is shut down now, but the duo explains their […]

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Fighting to Get a Facebook Word in with CNBC

October 18, 2010

An oldie but goodie from May 26, 2010. I was invited onto CNBC to talk about Facebook, and ended up fighting to get a word in with the raucous CNBC crew, who clearly have fun at their jobs.

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